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I am a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student in Quest International University Perak, Malaysia. I have faced some problems regarding my tuition and living fees, my father is a plumber who earns around RM2600++ per month and it seems to be hardly enough but i realized some realistic issues now. I will complete my course in five years for MBBS and might wait for a year for the horsemanship. My father is 54 years old now and six years later will be sixty. I am the eldest child and I can deeply feel the burdens on me. Tuition fee and basic fee for MBBS programme around RM320,000 are expensive. I am lucky to have scholarship of RM150,000 but I know the remaining value is still a burden to my family. I hope my father, as the only financial support of the family can get retirement at a suitable age and do not need to worry about the money. I hope any organization or individual can lend me the hand. Sincerity from Tiffany Ng.

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