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Rebuilding Shelter for Orang Asli

A tragic and heartbreaking accident happened in 5th August 2017, when the merciless fire burned down two joint houses in the Orang Asli village in Tapah and three families who live together had lost their shelter. 

They felt remorse and were really anxious with where their family will be staying at because they have no money to rebuild their home. Great Heart Charity Association has decided to step up and help this family to regain their home. Your generosity and kindness is a family’s hope and happiness.

Making Sure Orang Asli in Good Health

Orang Asli is the indigenous people of Malaysia and is among one of the poorest communities in the country. Most are staying in villages deep in the jungle with no access to electricity or clean water supply due to accessibility constraint.

How we help?

Every year, Great Heart arrange for 2 to 3 visitation day trips into various Orang Asli villages with a team of doctors and volunteers to provide free medical check-up to the villagers. As most of these villagers do not have access to proper medical facilities and services, the medical check-up session serves an important role in diagnosing any medical condition that the villagers may have unknowingly. 

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