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I am determine to save our Orang-utans, but will need your help in doing so. Click the Donate Now button and help me save them. Thank you.

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UPDATE: Round 2 - After a run from July 2014 till November 2014, I have managed to obtain RM 9,006 for my challenge. RM 8,006 you see here on the page and another RM 1,000 was an offline donation. I am not going to give up on this challenge and therefore, I am going for one more push. Round 2 begins from the 11th of February till the 31st of August 2015, and I am determine to hit my target of RM 50,000. I am even going to throw in an additional challenge. For every RM 10,000 my page hits, I will plant one tree at the WWF-Malaysia office as a symbol to my commitment to helping the Orang-utans. So, that means RM 1,000 more and I will be planting a tree already. I will still hold up my main challenge which is to plant 50 trees in Sabah. On top of this, I have managed to obtain a partner for this challenge, who is willing to match every Ringgit I manage to raise. This means, he will contribute RM 1.00 for every RM 1.00 I raise. So if I hit my RM 50,000 he will donate an additional RM 50,000 to this cause. So come on everyone! Help me raise these funds to save our Orang-utans. Don't let their plight go unheard.

Thank you, Dionysius Sharma

How this challenge began: Malaysia is a country that has been blessed with abundant flora & fauna. But over the years, we’ve polluted our seas; we've destroyed and converted a lot of our forests. Many years ago, when I joined WWF, I worked in the Kinabatangan swamps in Sabah. I had a chance to see wild Orang-utans. But sadly, today a lot of these forests are gone and the Orang-utans have lost their homes. Hi, my name is Dionysius Sharma and I recently turned 50. I've been with WWF-Malaysia for quite a while now and I have basically seen the world change. I wish I could say it is changing for the better, but sadly I cannot. But, I want to make a difference, I want to make a change. With your help, I want to raise RM50,000 for conservation, for the Orang-utans. If I am able to raise this RM50,000, I will plant 50 trees in degraded forest in Sabah. I want to make sure that Orang-utans can once again have forests to survive & flourish. So come on, please help me raise RM50,000 for Orang-utans. I really need your help. Dig deep and donate, cause every little contribution counts!

Thank you so much. Dionysius Sharma

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