I am pledging to run 30 x 5km in July to raise money for the homeless of Hong Kong

My Story

I am fundraising for ImpactHK, a charity which directly helps the homeless people of Hong Kong. Currently they run 20 'kindness walks' a month, to hand out valuable supplies such as food, water, clothing, soap and laundry tickets, and equally importantly to listen and talk to them. They also run other events such as making mats and organising haircuts for the homeless.
ImpactHK want to expand their support for the homeless by renting a space in which they can offer other valuable services such as free counselling sessions and training to help the people find work.

So in order to inspire you to donate, I am pledging to run 5 km a day for a month. I will have one day off on 12th July as I fly to the UK then. So that's thirty 5 km runs for the month of July: nearly 100 miles!

I am really unfit and hate running so this is a big deal for me. The first few runs will be especially hard as I have done zero training – The last time I ran was 3 years ago and I've had two babies since then! I really believe in this charity's work so I want to push myself on their behalf.

Please consider donating and making a real difference <3

Recent Donors

  • Christine Kelly

    This is a truly tremendous achievement. You are amazing. Well done x

    GBP 15 02/08/2017

  • Sheila Garside

    I'm so proud of you my beautiful girl

    GBP 100 28/07/2017

  • Bev Garside

    Hi Ash, keep going, you are a STAR!!!!XX

    GBP 40 26/07/2017

  • Charlotte Harkin

    GBP 5 25/07/2017

  • Beck Grooveside

    Keep going you are doing well x x

    GBP 30 11/07/2017

  • Sandra Lau

    Good luck

    HKD 100 08/07/2017

  • Anne

    Da iawn cariad

    GBP 10 08/07/2017

  • Ailsa Marsh

    Good Luck Asher, you're amazing ❤️

    GBP 10 08/07/2017

  • Anonymous

    GBP 100 28/06/2017

  • Maya Garside

    Proud of you p.s. don't run in your tom toms <3 <3 <3

    GBP 25 28/06/2017

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