I am raising money to support 200 underprivileged boys and girls from the Spring Blossom Program to continue their studies for another year. With your generous support, we will be able to empower more village children and pave their path for a brighter future. Thank you so much!

My Story

Once again, I went on a voluntary service trip to Gansu (甘肅), China this Summer with Studio 83 on behalf of Changing Young Lives Foundation. During our one week’s time visit, we visited children from the Spring Blossom program and an underprivileged primary school (大樹小學) in Dongxiang, teaching them simple english as well as elements of arts. We adjusted our english program from last year and instead taught them simpler vocabulary and self introductory skills. All of these children are very passionate learners, and would take any opportunity to better their education. We have visited some of these children in the past years, knowing that they recognized me and seeing their faces light up when we arrived was an unforgettable experience. After visiting the same village for the third time, I could see the progressive change that these children and their schools have undergone. The girls from the Spring Blossom Program were a lot more confident and positive. One of the girls that I kept in contact with (through the pen pal program established last year) even made me a bracelet to show her gratitude. The schools and their facilities were better built and more hygienic. I would like to thank anyone who have supported my fundraising pages in the past years. Your support has significantly helped the children and the village. 

I hope to further help these children by setting up another fundraising page, which will continue to support the development of the “Spring Blossom” scholarship program. This year our target is to raise HK$350,000 to support 200 Dongxiang boys and girls to continue their studies for another year, and I personally hope to reach a goal of $50,000. There is so much more that you and I can do to help these children. No matter the amount, your donations will definitely make a difference for them, making Dongxiang a better place to call home. 

Thank you for all the help!

Recent Donors

  • Andrea Lai

    HKD 1,000 31/08/2019

  • Erik Yao Yu Leung

    HKD 1,000 17/08/2019

  • Virginia Mak

    Dear Katrina, Well done Katrina! So glad that we got to go on this trip with you twice and get to see you in actions with your leadership skills and compassion. Look forward to our next Gansu trip!

    HKD 3,000 09/08/2019

  • Tansy Tom

    Thanks for caring and taking action!

    HKD 2,500 04/08/2019

  • Joyce Yau

    Good job Katrina!! 💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    HKD 1,000 31/07/2019

  • Christine Li

    Well done Katrina! Proud of your efforts!

    HKD 500 31/07/2019

  • from Daniel & Auntie Davina

    HKD 5,000 31/07/2019

  • Angie Chan

    well done !

    HKD 10,000 31/07/2019

  • Jennifer Cheung

    HKD 800 30/07/2019

  • Angela Yung

    HKD 1,000 30/07/2019

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