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Please support us by donating to make a difference in the lives of orang asli kids!

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Hi, I am Mark Cheng and am a practicing lawyer in Kuala Lumpur. What prompted me to take part in raising up funds for the orang asli children is because sometime in January this year, I volunteered to drive a number of students to Raub, Pahang for the weekend to spend some time with the orang asli children there. What I realised from that weekend is that most of these orang asli children have to leave their homes in the village at a very young age just to get an education and that all of them rarely go back to their villages to see their parents. It is such a challenge for them to get an education to which after a while, many of them give up on studying. I firmly believe that through education, these orang asli children can bring change to their respective families and also their villages. I believe that all of us can contribute in helping these orang asli children to get an education they need. 


We are a trio of churchgoers from Whispering Hope Methodist Church. Mark (whose thighs make our bak) is a lawyer by day and a person-looking-for-fun-things-to-do-with-fun-people the rest of the time. Celine (whose fried brains make our chor) is currently in fisticuffs with a neverending trail of law exams. En (whose hair is our mee) writes music for a living and wants the world to be a happy place but is often too shy to do something about it. 

We all care deeply for kids and believe in the importance of education, and we hope you do too! Every little contribution counts towards helping SUKA ensure their existing schools for orang asli kids stay up and running, and that makes a huge difference in the lives of these kids, who would otherwise have no access to basic education.

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