We are making a difference by raising money for the homeless in HK. Please support us! Leonie and her dog Clifford will walk 100KM before the end of August to help ImpactHK to give the less fortunate in HK a second change in life.

My Story

Clifford, my rescue dog, got a second chance when he got rescued from an abusive owner who tied his (and his 4 brothers) muzzle with cable wires and left him outside on a podium for many years. He was brought to a kennel to find a new home, but due to kennel stress it took him more then 2 years to get adopted. Many times people looked at him and didn't give him a chance, until we started to foster him and now he is the most loving and caring dog in the world. He deserved a second chance and became a whole new dog. He has love to give and kindness to spread. 
Like him, many people don't choose the horrible situations they live in. But they are treated like trash. They are seen as outcast, dangerous; somebody to stay away from. But they are humans, with their own stories, friendships to offer and they deserve a second chance like we all do.

Me and Clifford will use our passion for hiking to raise money for ImpactHK. You can help me by sponsoring us financially or join us on our hikes. ImpactHK will use this money to fund their new location, from which they will support even more homeless all across HK.

Recent Donors

  • Bob, Leonie and Clifford

    Let's make it happen!!

    HKD 748 31/08/2017

  • Leonie Stawniak

    A big thank you to Heidi, Kenneth and TikTik for supporting us!

    HKD 500 16/08/2017

  • Phyllis Pang

    HKD 300 13/08/2017

  • Raymond Woo

    HKD 250 09/08/2017

  • Anonymous

    HKD 250 08/08/2017

  • Hillary L

    HKD 500 02/08/2017

  • Kim & Catrin Anderson

    HKD 250 19/07/2017

  • Anonymous

    HKD 250 14/07/2017

  • Doreen Chan


    HKD 150 14/07/2017

  • Inge en Pieter

    Thanks so much guys! xx Leonie

    HKD 500 14/07/2017

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