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Catalyst Connection

Pioneering Integrative Mental Health in Asia

Our Founder,  Tricia Tan has more than 10 years lived experience of depression and bipolar disorder with psychosis symptoms. Despite this, she has had a successful career in the education sector in the last 15 years, teaching, counselling and coaching youths, parents and PMETs.

Her mental health crises turned out to be a personal evolutionary journey (otherwise known as spiritual emergence) that transformed her life from inside out. Despite losing her life savings, marriage and family in the most intense phases of her crises spanning over more than a decade, she has since recovered key parts of her life and founded Catalyst Connection, a social enterprise that redefines mental illness and advocates integrative mental health care.


As Asia’s first and only Certified Spiritual Emergence Coach, Tricia uses her lived experience and unique, integrative approaches to help people with mental health challenges gain insight and meaning to their non-ordinary experiences, catalysing their recovery. Also a Gallup Strengths Coach and an intuitive healer, Tricia supports individuals through challenging life situations. She also provides training and consultancy to mental health service providers and healing arts practitioners.
Tricia now lives out her renewed life purpose through Catalyst Connection and has never been happier. She firmly believes that with informed choices, deep meaningful relationships and appropriate support, every individual has the innate ability to HEAL from within, be LIBERATED to live true to themselves, and be EMPOWERED to lead a quality life of immense meaning and purpose.

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Tricia's services mainly cater (but are not limited) to:
(a) youths, young adults with mental health issues, and
(b) parents and/or caregivers. 

(1)    Spiritual Emergence Coaching 
Holistic, integrative and needs-based consultation & support that begins in clients' homes. 

(2)    Support Groups
Group sessions for persons-in-emergence (PIEs) to share experiences, connect with & support one another 

(3)    Outreach & Advocacy
Workshops to promote awareness of spiritual emergence as an alternative perspective to mental health conditions
- through CRAZYWISE Film Screening & Open Space Dialogue - specially designed to facilitate de-stigmatisation through open and authentic conversations

(4)    Training & Consultancy
Seminars/workshops for mental health professionals & para-professionals, caregivers and anyone interested in supporting others living with mental health issues




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